Alberto Bianchi
Italy | Professional Master Groomer
His professional career began because of his passion for dog care. He has worked with dogs since his first steps, as he grew up in a family that always had animals. They liked their preparation so much that they looked good when presented at the exhibitions, which was followed by a professional one. For many years, it has featured dogs of exceptional distinction and numerous titles, at national, international, European and global level. Today, she gives seminars and judgments in hairdressing competitions, since her time to continue to show dogs is very limited. He started using the # 1 ALL SYSTEMS® toiletries in 1989 when he went from Australia to Italy. At that time he could not find shampoos in Italy that met his needs and so began using these products in his exhibition dogs, importing them from the US. He then set up his own business in 1991, following a demand he had with many of his friends who wanted to supply them with the same products he used, after seeing fantastic results with them! And that's how it all started ... He has visited Greece many times, his first time being in 1999. The first seminar he gave was mainly based on the means we have to take care of our dog and how to use them properly. He was also asked to talk about the different types of scissors and tools used in stripping, as there was a great deal of confusion at the time about how these different tools are used and how we can approach the desired result ... His last trip to Greece was in November 2018, where he was invited by his partners, Lycurgus & Eve of ANIMAGROOM, as part of the “GROOMATHENS 2018” event.