Eleni Mintzi
Greece | Professional Master Groomer
Eleni Mintzi was born in Athens and studied Italian literature at the University of Urbino in Italy. In 1998 she attended the grooming school of Maya Zambikou and acquired her first coveted schnauzer a medium salted pepper. Since then she has begun to work for its  "grace" with dog shows and grooming competitions in Greece. In 2002 she opens the "Fashion pets" hair owned grooming salon in Kifissia area and starts to professionally deal with the grooming. From 1999 until today she has participated in many national and international grooming competitions in countries such as Greece, Italy, Belgium, France and Denmark and has won many gold and silver medals, as well as titles such as "International Best in show 2010" and "Best Greek Groomer 2015". Breeds with which she has competed are several, schnauzer, fox terrier, lakeland terrier, kerry blue terrier, bedlington terrier, bichon frise, english cocker spaniel, poodle and scottish terrier. She is also honored to receive Oster's annual European personal championship invitation, which is attended by only 40 champions from all over Europe. In the last, "Oster 2017" was proposed for the final six. In 2014 she establishes the Hellenic Grooming Association (ESEKS), where she is the President until today. She is also a member of the National Team which represents Greece at the grooming world championship and participates with bedlington terrier in the category pure breeds/scissoring. In a few months, having first completed the trial period, she becomes an international E.G.A. judge, thus achieving one of her biggest goals.