Fotini Gikas
Greece | Breeder-Professional Master Groomer
My involvement with dogs started at a very young age where I got my first dog, a Greek Shepherd and from that time it all started... In 2001 I attended my first dog show and from that moment on I got the purebred dog bug! I started showing dogs to help breeders (which I still do with great pleasure today!!). Then came my first French Bulldog. As the years pass by, I found that I was very interested in grooming and scissoring long haired dogs and so I got an English Cocker Spaniel. After I made the first attempt and made it myself for the exhibition and all comments were pleased and more than I expected. Then I did the first private seminar in 2008 with Mrs. Nina Kauhanen and later in England in 2009 another private seminar with Mrs. Patricia Bentley on stripping and show grooming for English Cocker Spaniels. In 2008 I also met Lina Kostakis where she trained me and I started working at her Grooming Salon, “Dog Spa” since today. I met the Poodles and dealt almost exclusively with them! We now participate in morphology exhibitions in Greece and abroad, in pan-European as well as world championships with many distinctions and world championship titles with our breeding Poodles under the “Black Moon Rising” prefix name. Having attended countless seminars in Greece and abroad over the years, in 2019 I successfully completed the exams of the Greek Grooming Association in all categories and hold the title of “Master Groomer”. In 2019 we founded our grooming school with Lina to pass on our knowledge to future Master Groomers!!