Niki Ioannou
Cyprus | Professional Master Groomer
Niki Ioannou was born in Limassol, Cyprus. In 2000 she started with her first grooming salon “Grooming Salon” and undertook the care and grooming of show dogs from all over Cyprus, with many and varied awards. She later worked with a private veterinary clinic where she was in charge of the pet care and grooming department. Her love of animals led her to study Pet Grooming at Umberto Lehmann's Dog Grooming School in Italy. The result of her collaboration with Mr. Lehmann is her special training in show dog’s grooming. She has attended several seminars, competing in international dog grooming competitions with several awards such as 2nd place in Thessaloniki in 2017 and 3rd place in Athens 2018, both in the Poodle class. It was a natural development to win the 1st place in Thessaloniki in 2019. She holds the title of "Master Groomer". In 2005, she also studied at the Nicosia Canine College, where she graduated as a peer judge for dog shows. Her dream is to improve the importance of the professional dog grooming industry, which is why she aims to create the National Association of Professional Dog Groomers in Cyprus. Today she operates her own dog salon, under the name "Niki's Grooming Salon", in the center of Limassol, where she takes care and groom all breeds and styles.