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21 OCT 2023

International Grooming Competition

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The contestant can enter in any of the 4 following official categories:

  • Handstripping
  • Spaniels and Setters
  • Poodles
  • Other pure breeds scissoring

In the above 4 official categories you can choose to enter in the following classes:

  • Open
  • Champion

Class definition

  • Beginner* – A contestant is eligible for entry in the beginner’s class when they have less than one years’ experience in the specific breed with which he/she wish to compete. Dog show experience counts towards the initial period of one year for the beginner’s class. The contestant can compete as “beginner” in several contests for 12 months even if winner. The second year he/she must enter “Open” class even if not winner. In this category all breeds and techniques are confused.
  • Intermediate* – All contestants with more than 2 years’ experience and/or contestants that never won a gold medal in “Open” class. The contestant can compete as “Intermediate” in several contests for 12 months even if winner. The second year he/she must enter “Open” class even if not winner. In this category all breeds and techniques are confused.
  • Commercial* – Contestants may enter with any FCI recognized breed to be groomed commercially: breeds that usually need stripping can be clipped or scissor; long hair breeds can be clipped or scissor. Poodles are accepted only to be groomed in Asian style or groomed in different breed shape as Bedlington or Kerry blue. Coloring is not allowed. In this category all breeds and techniques are confused.

* These Categories are not eligible for best in show

In Competitions where “Open” and “Champion” class are scheduled, contestants will enter the one they belong considering their previous results.

Per category, the contestant can compete in one of the two following classes:

  1. Open – Is for experienced groomers who have not yet won 1st place in “Open” class within the same category and will stay 12 months even if they attain a victory. Contestants will enter “Champion” class, where existing, the year after and only in the categories they won.
  2. Champion – Is for groomers who have already won 1st place in open class within the same category.


  • Contestants must bring their own dogs in natural hair color
  • Contestants must bring their own tools
  • The contestant and the competition dog must proceed to the photo studio where the pre-contest and after photo will be taken.
  • Before each competition, the contestant may ask a judge or all judges if they wish to give commentary after the competition ends, this comment will be given after each class a on a dedicated place (not in the ring).
  • In each category there will be three contestants placed per class.


Handstripping without clipper use

  • Small and Medium sizes  – 2:30 hours
  • Big sizes (Airedale Terrier) – 3:00 hours

Handstripping with clipper use

  • Small  – 2:00 hours
  • Medium sizes – 2:15 hours
  • Big sizes – 2:30 hours

Spaniels and Setters

All Setters, American Cockers, English Cockers, Springers, etc. – 2:30 hours


Up to 35 cm  – 1:45 hours

35 cm up to 45 cm – 2:00 hours

Over 45 cm – 2:30 hours

*15 minutes extra time is allowed to spray up top knot

Pure Breeds

Bichon, Bedlington  – 2:00 hours

Kerry Blue Terrier, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Black Russian Terrier, Bouvier – 2:30 hours


All breeds – 2:30 hours


All breeds – 2:30 hours


Small and medium – 1:30 hours

Big – 2:00 hours

10 minutes comfort break must be given 1 hour after the start competition

Grooming regulations

All dogs needs to be washed prior to the competition (except for the hand strip dogs)

The ears and nails need to be groomed and the dog’s underbelly, genitals and hind quarters may be previously groomed for reasons of hygiene, according to the breed standard.

The dog needs to have at least 8 weeks coat growth or poodles minimum 5 cm coat length.

Any evident line or pattern from a previous grooming is not allowed. Dog’s coat must be long enough to allow the groomer to make a distinct difference in its appearance.

Contestants competing with dogs showing evident line and/or with coat not long enough to allow to make a difference in its appearance should be aware that will not have any chance to compete for victory.

All grooming techniques are allowed, as long as the chosen technique suits the type of the dog’s coat.

If there is any problem during the competition raise your hand and the president of the jury will come and help you.

Category Handstripping / Spaniels & Setters

Stripping knives are allowed

Dog needs to be groomed according to the breed standard

Colored Chalk powder/block/spray and cream is allowed for Terriers.

It is not allowed to use clippers except:

  • Scottish Terrier – chest, head and ears.
  • West Highland Terrier – chest and ears.
  • Cockers and Setters – chest and ears.
  • Schnauzer – chest, head, inside of back legs and ears

Breeds that need to be hand striped and the coat does not allow this technique can compete in the commercial class.

Category Poodles / Pure Breeds

The dog needs to be washed and fluff dried.

Clipper guide combs are not allowed.

The muzzle, feet, stomach and tail can be clipped before the competition.

Poodles must be groomed in a style recognized in the breed standard.

Poodles with top knots can have 15 minutes extra time to finish and may ask for help from an outsider to hold the dog while doing the top knot (in these 15 minutes they can continue using the scissors).

Coloring is not allowed.

Category Commercial

This class is made for commercial work, the dogs we see in the salon on daily basis. No pure breed styled in his/her conformation trim is allowed in this class. Examples of breeds that are typically in the salon class are the Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Lhasa Apso, and Shih Tzu, Cockers Spaniels and many more breeds all styled in a commercial trim.


On the entry form contestants must add the breed of the dog to be groomed and, for Poodle class, also what cut will be done. Signature in acceptance of all rules is required.

The contestants need to be in the ring 30 minutes before the start of the competition for prejudging with their own dog and tools.

Contestants are not allowed to talk to other contestants and/or the audience during the contest.

Contestants are not allowed to use mobile phone and/or any electronic device during the competition.

Chalk use is allowed however no trace of it should appear on Judges’ hands after the judgment as a disqualification can occur.

Any indecorous or aggressive language used towards the judges as well as a dog handled in rough or unsafe manner may lead to disqualification.

Possible disqualification will be executed by the President of the Jury

When competition ends, Contestants should remove all hair, equipment and products from the grooming table as well as moving all stuffs on the floor under the table, to allow the judges an easy approach to the tables for the judgment.

A comb should be placed on the table for the judge to use during judging. Contestants may comb their dogs before and after the judging panel has evaluated their dogs. Contestant should stack his/her dog to present to judge. It will be announced when the judging is finished so contestants can relax their dogs.

Any possible complaint must be in written, presented before the end of the event and will cost 25€


Every show organizer must nominate a President of the Jury which can participate in the judging with the assigned judges. The President of the Jury is responsible for the timing and the information to the contestants as well. Under his responsibility he can entrust a speaker.

The organization will provide the grooming tables.

Organizers must use EGA judging sheets.

Results of the competitions must be sent to the EGA Secretary

In case contestants entering the competition are less than 40, Organizers can ask to schedule two judges instead of three per class.


Three chosen judges will judge each category.

Judges are not allowed to judge their own relatives and /or employees.

Judges are not allowed to exchange any opinion concerning the judgment during the competition.

Judges are not allowed to leave the ring during the competition without the permission of the President of the Jury.

“Champion” class must be strictly judged.

The President of the Jury should bring with him/her a computer with the point system program.



Pictures of the dogs will be taken before and after the competition

The judges will examine each dog during prejudging and final judging and will take in consideration the following issues:

  • Suitability of chosen style to the dog
  • The difficulty degree of the clip
  • Ability to camouflage defects and enhance beauty
  • Up to date with today’s modern grooming styles
  • Respect for todays breed standard*
  • The quality of scissoring, shaving and or stripping after passing a comb
  • Balance, symmetry, and smoothness
  • Presentation of the dog to the judge

* Allowance to be made for International differences in styling for example USA or Scandinavian styles.


The quality of the clipper works whether the feet, face and tail are clipped with the appropriate blade. All clipper work should be smooth with no tufts of hair around the lips, eyes, pads of the feet.

Hand Stripping

There should be no visible pink of bald patches. The hair must be removed with the lay of the coat and without causing pain. Removing the undercoat by a carding tool is allowed only after the handstripping has taken place. Rolling coats are acceptable; however the work done in the ring must be sufficient to allow the groomer to make a distinct change in the dog’s appearance.

If clippers are used to trim the soft coat on the head or ears, the front of the neck or on the insides of the back legs, these areas must be trimmed neatly and smoothly with the appropriate blade. The clipper work should blend smoothly with the furnishing or feathering rather than stick out. Excessive scissors use will be penalized.

Pure Breeds and Spaniels & Setters

If thinning shears are used: the areas that are thinned should blend smoothly and create a natural appearance. The judges’ decision will be final and binding. We kindly ask all participants to be sportive and to respect the final decision of the jury.


In the four main categories (Handstripping, Spaniels and Setters, Poodles, and Other pure breeds/Scissoring) the judging system is based on points.

Each judge awards the competitors 10 points for the first place, 8 points for the second and 6 points for the third, in each class. Judges are not allowed to exchange any opinion concerning the judgment during the competition.

Each judge will have his/her own place list. Adding up the points of all judges, the assigned President of the Jury will obtain the final place list. In the event of a tie, the President of the Jury will discuss with the judges to establish the place winner.


Judges may give a warning to any competitor who is seen handling a dog in a rough or unsafe manner. A second warning will constitute disqualification.

If the competitor makes clipper burns, nicks or cuts he can’t be placed as a winner.

Any indecorous or aggressive language used towards the judges may lead to disqualification.

It is understood that contestants entering the competition accepted all the items of these rules.